Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum provides all of the supports you will need to instruct your students in comparative worldview analysis. Whether you are a worldview expert or have never heard the term worldview before, you are capable of using this curriculum!

Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum includes twenty-seven lessons and seven assessments. You can complete the entire curriculum in thirty-four class sessions. Please see the Suggested Pacing Guides to determine which timetable best fits your schedule.

In a classroom or homeschool setting, you should use Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum as a supplement to your Social Studies curriculum. This is because Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum explores the beliefs of different people and communities. You can use the curriculum once a week throughout the year or multiple times per week throughout a semester. Please see the Suggested Pacing Guides to determine which timetable best fits your schedule.

Yes! Please see the Standards Guide to view the State and Common Core Standards covered in this curriculum.

Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum is designed to be used in third through sixth-grade classrooms. Students in third grade may not be prepared to begin Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum until the second semester, depending on their reading level and development. Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum can also be used in junior high and above if students do not have any previous worldview training.

Yes! Modifying this curriculum for older students is easy. Every time students are given a writing assignment, you can simply lengthen it for older students, asking them to go more in-depth in their responses. Children younger than third grade may have a difficult time with the amount of reading and writing required in the curriculum. However, if you read the passages with them and allow them to draw instead of write, they can work through this curriculum with the rest of your family.

Yes. You can use Foundation in your home even if you do not homeschool your children. You do not need any formal training in education or experience teaching to work through the curriculum with your family. If you set aside one hour per week to work through this as a family, you can complete the entire curriculum in eight months.

Yes. You can purchase hard copies of the Instructors’ Guide and Student Workbook as add-ons to your digital subscription.

A digital subscription lasts for one year.

No. Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum does not cover these cultural issues. However, Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum does explore the worldview questions upon which these issues rest. For example, the curriculum covers questions such as: Is the Truth True for everyone? Are humans evolved animals? Does gender matter? Are right and wrong Truths or feelings? Understanding how different worldviews answers such questions will prepare your students to wrestle through cultural issues in later years.