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Think Biblically in Every Subject

Foundation Worldview curriculums set the stage for biblical integration in every subject area. Join the host of Christian schools that have seen students begin to analyze worldview messages in every class and take ownership of their education.
Features included with each purchase

More than Just Another Class

Video Overview for Instructors

Instructor videos give you a heads up on the content covered, outline typical questions kids have, and show any materials that need advanced preparation.

Complete Instructor Guide

Detailed lesson plans take the guesswork out of planning. You can quickly locate the essential question, objectives, assessments, and procedures.

Individual Teacher Accounts

Each teacher implementing Foundation curriculums will receive an individual instructor account.

Home Connection

To further support the learning process, each lesson also includes a Home Connection activity, aimed at extending the lesson and engaging the entire family.

Full Lesson Videos

Videos of an experienced educator teaching the lessons make implementation easy and cut down on teacher prep-time.

Student Activity Sheets

Each lesson includes activity sheets that engage students in a variety of best-practice strategies. These activities are designed to foster critical thinking and support student learning.


Students have the opportunity to show that they have met the learning goal in each lesson through a formative 'Know It and Show It' assessment. Each unit also includes a summative assessment to measure student growth.

Access for a Full Calendar Year

Each Foundation membership includes access to all digital materials for a full calendar year.

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Flexible pricing so you pay for what you need.

Ages 8-12

Comparative Worldview Curriculum

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Ages 9-13

Careful Thinking Curriculum


Please make sure your computer and internet connection meet the technical requirements.

Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum

Establish a Solid Worldview Foundation

Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum equips 8-to-12-year-olds to recognize false worldview ideas and understand how they differ from the Christian worldview.

Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum

Solidify the Ability to Evaluate Every Idea

Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum expands on the previous year, giving 9-to-13-year-olds the skills they need to unmask faulty ideas and embrace the truth.

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