Christians Should Spend Time Learning to Think Carefully

Scripture makes clear that part of loving God with our whole being is learning to love Him with our minds. Sadly, many Christians today have abandoned the pursuit of God with the mind, viewing Christianity more as a blind, emotion-based faith than as a reality-based worldview. The result has been a generation of young adults who abandon the truth of the Christian worldview as soon as they experience a change in their emotions toward God or toward His Church. This sad reality has highlighted the importance of systematically equipping our children to love God with their minds through seeking truth. And that is precisely what we will do in Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum.

In this first unit, students will dive into Scripture to discover the biblical command to cultivate our minds. They will discover that part of loving God with their all involves avoiding captivity to false ideas. Students will then explore the concept of truth, the difference between objective and subjective claims, and how we come to know the truth. This may not sound like an exciting list of tasks. However, students will explore each concept through various games and hands-on activities that will immerse them in truth-seeking.