Tools for Processing Children's Emotions

August 08, 2023

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In today's episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz responds to a question about how to help a child who is super sensitive when it comes to viewing things in the media, even innocent media. Listen as Elizabeth explores how to help kids process the emotions they are feeling inside.

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Regulating Emotion Driven Children

Today's question says, "When raising emotional kids, how do you teach your children how to not only recognize their emotions, but practically manage them in a biblical way, upholding the biblical virtue of self-control?"

Reasoning with an Emotionally Driven Child

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores how to reason for the faith with a child who tends to be driven by their emotions or feelings. We'll look at helping them understand the concept of truth, how to discern it, and ultimately checking if their emotions or feelings towards something aligns with what is true.

Teaching Our Kids About Using Emotions and Discernment

Our children will repeatedly encounter this idea that their feelings are the most reliable guide for truth. How can we equip them to rightly recognize their emotions, without being led by them? Here are a couple of ways we can intentionally prepare our children to make decisions based on discernment rather than pure emotion.