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Practical Sessions on Equipping Kids to Think Critically and Biblically

Helping Your Child Identify False Gospels

Join us Wednesday, February 2nd, at 12 pm CST, with Foundation Worldview's Elizabeth Urbanowicz as we discuss how to help our kids and families to tell the difference and embrace the true gospel.

Pursuing Truth In A Culture That Redefines Words

Join Foundation Worldview's Elizabeth Urbanowicz as we seek to help our kids understand how the world is taking words and changing their meaning while creating a dialogue of confusion of what is true for our kids.

Helping Our Kids Find Biblical Truth in Fantasy Storytelling

Join us for an interview with fantasy/adventure author, Bryan Davis, as we explore how a fictional story can be used to convey biblical truth to our children.

How to Equip Kids to Navigate False Ideas: Part 2

Every day our children are faced with misinformation. How they process it is up to us as parents and educators. Rather than being passive, we can equip our kids with the tools to discern between what is true or false.

How to Equip Kids to Navigate False Ideas: Part 1

Watch Elizabeth Urbanowicz as she explores several practical tools for equipping our kids to think logically.

Discipling Your Kids Through the Birds, the Bees, and Cultural Confusion

Join Elizabeth Urbanowicz for a special interview with Hillary Morgan Ferrer, of Mama Bear Apologetics, as Hillary gives practical tips for turning challenging conversations about sexuality into discipleship opportunities.

Training Our Kids to Dive Deep into Scripture

We invite you to join the Founder and creator of the Foundation Worldview Curriculums Elizabeth Urbanowicz to explore several simple steps we can take to train our children to read, interpret, and apply God's Word on a practical, day-to-day basis.

Equipping Our Kids to Think Biblically

Join Elizabeth Urbanowicz in this webinar to explore several practical steps we can implement to equip our children to think biblically in every situation!

Answering Kids’ Questions About Christianity

Join Elizabeth Urbanowicz in this webinar to explore ways of cultivating an environment where our kids feel safe asking questions, as well as effective ways in which to answer those questions - even the difficult ones.

Raising Faithful Disciples in a Culture of Confusion

Raising kids who faithfully seek and serve Jesus is becoming increasingly complicated as our culture spirals into confusion. Sign up for this webinar to evaluate current research, dive into Scripture, and explore how we can raise faithful kids in this culture of confusion.

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