Foundation Worldview Curriculum

Build a Biblical Worldview in the Formative Years

Children are constantly exposed to false ideas. Does the child in your care know how to discern what is true and what is false? Foundation Worldview helps Christian parents equip their children to think biblically and to carefully evaluate every idea they encounter.

Why Foundation Worldview?

The Christian community frequently instructs children in Christian principles and morals without equipping them to think critically through the big life questions that every worldview must answer. In a sense, Christians train their children to accept Christianity on blind faith. Research demonstrates that this current model is not preparing children to be life-long disciples. It is time to change the gameplan.

Why Choose Foundation Curriculums?


Transform Thinking

Our curriculums don’t just present kids with truth. They implement research-based strategies that transform the way kids evaluate every idea they encounter.


Abandon Blind-Belief

Most Christian curriculums simply tell kids what to believe. Our materials train kids to think critically, equipping them to exchange blind-belief for evidence-based trust.


Implement with Ease

Not an expert in worldview analysis or critical thinking? No problem. We provide all the supports needed to easily and effectively implement our materials. We even do all the teaching for you!

Studying the Bible Curriculum

Empower an Independent Study of Scripture

Equip kids with the skills they need to soundly read, interpret, and apply Scripture on their own

Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum

Solidify the Ability to Evaluate Every Idea

Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum expands on the previous year, giving 10-to-14-year-olds the skills they need to unmask faulty ideas and embrace the truth.

“In worldview class, I have learned the importance of seeing God clearly in a world where his image is often confused. I have discovered how to use knowledge that Christ gives us to explore other beliefs and see how his word ultimately triumphs. This class has truly meant so much to me!”

Former Foundation Student, now in 9th grade

“My daughter learned how to look at all of life through the lens of God’s Word and has become better equipped to make wise choices. She is much more confident about who God is, His great love for her, and who she is in Christ. In learning about other world-views at a young age, she is also able to better understand (rather than judge or be afraid of) others who think differently than her while holding up those differing views to the light of God’s Word to discern the truth. I highly recommend this curriculum! It’s given my daughter such a firm foundation for her faith.”`

Mom of a Former Foundation Student

"I am thrilled to see the release of Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum. This is a quality, timely, and easy to use study to help students develop a biblical worldview. It meets one of the greatest needs in the church today—helping kids navigate our increasingly secular culture with wisdom and discernment.”

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Biola University Professor, Speaker, Author

“The Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum written and taught by Elizabeth Urbanowicz address a long-standing need in the area of Christian education. She addresses the most important issues that our students need to know in order to stand firm in the Christian faith. Not only is this curriculum filled with stimulating content, but it is presented with gentleness and confidence. I cannot recommend this curriculum more highly. It is certain to make a big difference in the lives of thousands of students and their families as they encounter these crucial lessons of light in a very dark age.”

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D
Director, MA program in Christian Apologetics, Biola University Author of Fearless Prayer

“Elizabeth gets it – even though our Christian kids may be taught the Bible at church, home, or school, the broader culture still heavily influences them with its many subtle, even widely assumed, messages. Those messages (like, all that is real is made of matter, and so science has the “corner of the market” on knowledge) will tend to erode our kids’ confidence in the truth of Christianity. But, Elizabeth realizes that if we wait until even middle school years to teach reasons for our faith to our kids, they already will have been deeply influenced by non-Christian thought in culture. And, she knows from experience that our elementary kids can understand many key concepts that will help them – even at those ages – to see why they should believe Christianity is true. She has provided a tremendous resource for educating our kids in the truth of our faith.”

R. Scott Smith, Ph.D.
Professor of Ethics and Christian Apologetics, Biola University

“Your worldview class has changed my life in so many ways. Learning about other worldviews has helped me stop and think, ‘Does this message line up with what the Bible tells me?’ Everything we hear needs to be put through a filter, and we can use God’s Word as our filter...Your class has helped me pick out the hollow and deceptive words from all around me.”

Foundation Student, now in 8th grade
Smiling child with headphones on
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