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Empower Your Child to Think Biblically in a Deceptive World

Discover how Foundation Worldview's curriculum can transform your child's thinking from blind belief to critical, evidence-based faith. Our easy-to-use, video-based lessons are designed to equip your child with biblical literacy and critical thinking skills, so their faith in Christ remains strong into adulthood.

Our Curriculums

At Foundation Worldview, we seek to equip children in the area of biblical thinking, biblical literacy, and biblical sexuality. To accomplish this, we provide age appropriate curriculum to meet the needs and the development of your child.

Why Foundation Worldview?

Our children are constantly bombarded with content from various sources, shaping their young minds in a rapidly changing world. As a parent or any Christian working with kids, it's essential to equip them to pursue truth and embrace a biblical worldview.

Why Choose Foundation Curriculums?


Transform Thinking

The resources we create help parents do more than present kids with truth. Foundation Worldview implements research-based strategies that transform the way kids evaluate every idea they encounter.


Abandon Blind-Belief

Most Christian curriculums simply tell kids what to believe. Our materials equip parents to train kids to think biblically and critically, empowering them to exchange blind-belief for evidence-based trust.


Implement with Ease

Our resources relieve stress in the discipleship process, equipping parents with simple tools to help their kids develop biblical literacy and careful thinking skills. It's as simple as pushing a play button.

Yes! I love how important biblical truths are distilled and communicated in ways that my 6-year-old can easily grasp. We are going through the early elementary curriculum together and it's been great training and encouragement for ME, too!

Jessica B.

“My daughter learned how to look at all of life through the lens of God’s Word and has become better equipped to make wise choices. She is much more confident about who God is, His great love for her, and who she is in Christ. In learning about other world-views at a young age, she is also able to better understand (rather than judge or be afraid of) others who think differently than her while holding up those differing views to the light of God’s Word to discern the truth. I highly recommend this curriculum! It’s given my daughter such a firm foundation for her faith.”`

Mom of a Former Foundation Student

"I am thrilled to see the release of Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum. This is a quality, timely, and easy to use study to help students develop a biblical worldview. It meets one of the greatest needs in the church today—helping kids navigate our increasingly secular culture with wisdom and discernment.”

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Biola University Professor, Speaker, Author

“The Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum written and taught by Elizabeth Urbanowicz address a long-standing need in the area of Christian education. She addresses the most important issues that our students need to know in order to stand firm in the Christian faith. Not only is this curriculum filled with stimulating content, but it is presented with gentleness and confidence. I cannot recommend this curriculum more highly. It is certain to make a big difference in the lives of thousands of students and their families as they encounter these crucial lessons of light in a very dark age.”

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D
Director, MA program in Christian Apologetics, Biola University Author of Fearless Prayer

Yes! The videos are clear and concise and very easy to digest, plus the repetition between video and worksheet is key in getting kids to remember, recall and learn. Plus I love the reminder of the previous lessons when doing a new lesson. It all works so well and seamlessly.

Ashley B

The lessons are super simple for kids and adults as well. As a busy homeschool mom of four kiddos I have found it so easy to implement into our homeschool routine.

Lindsey F.
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