In Today's World, We Must Equip Students To
Think Critically, Biblically, and Missionally

Designed with Christian private schools, homeschool families, and churches in mind, Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum trains elementary students to think biblically, exposes them to the basic beliefs of competing worldviews, and equips them with a framework through which they can filter every message, idea, and philosophy they encounter.

Why Worldview Education?

The Christian community frequently instructs children in Christian principles and morals without equipping them to think critically through the big life questions that every worldview must answer. In a sense, Christians train their children to accept Christianity on blind faith. Research demonstrates that this current model is not preparing children to be life-long disciples. It is time to change the gameplan.

About the Curriculum

Everything Needed to Teach, Right Out of the (Digital) Box

The curriculum is sold as a digital subscription — giving teachers 24/7 access to teaching materials including a complete instructors’ guide, video overviews of each lesson, student activity sheets, home connection activities, and assessments. Videos of each lesson being taught by the author are available for those not wanting to present material themselves. 

Exposing Students to Competing Worldviews

The Curriculum is designed to teach elementary students to think biblically about messages they encounter, and also guides them through an exploration of how naturalism, new spirituality, postmodernism, and Islam answer basic worldview questions. Students are then prompted to critically evaluate these answers and contrast them with the teachings of Scripture.

Teaching Students to Navigate Their Media-Saturated World

The curriculum challenges and equips students to change from passive recipients of information to active evaluators of every message they receive. A media analysis component uses clips from popular (age appropriate) television shows and movies to expose students to the teachings of other worldviews. Students are required to analyze each clip, identify which worldview is present, explain how they know it is that particular worldview, and define how it contrasts with what is taught in Scripture.

What Others Are Saying

About The Author

Elizabeth Urbanowicz spent the past ten years teaching elementary students at a Christian school and designed this curriculum to meet a need she found in the classroom — the need to prepare students, at an early age, to recognize, evaluate, and reject the hollow and deceptive philosophies they encounter in our culture. Elizabeth is passionate about preparing children to encounter these false ideas and equipping them to be lifelong critical thinkers and, most importantly, lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

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