New for Fall 2022

Foundation Early Childhood Worldview Curriculum

A new 25 Lesson Curriculum for ages 4-7.

What's Covered in Foundation Early Childhood Worldview Curriculum?

As Christians, we know that God and His Word are unchanging. God is forever faithful and His Word is forever true.

What does change is the culture around us.

This series lays the foundation for seeking truth in all aspects of life, with the goal of helping little ones see that everything we find in the world around us aligns with the worldview presented in Scripture.

Each lesson involves a lot of body movement and repetition, designed to meet little ones where they are at developmentally while stretching them to think through foundational worldview truths.

This series is one of the first essential building blocks in laying the foundation our children need to understand and live out the truth, goodness, and beauty of the Christian worldview.

What's Included?

Can't wait to start? Try our limited 3-video series for Early Childhood. The purchase of this limited series will go towards the new full series that will be released this Fall.

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