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Make a donation that will equip children to think critically and understand the truth of the biblical worldview. Every dollar you donate goes directly toward a scholarship fund for schools, churches, and families that do not have the budget to purchase our materials.

Why do we accept donations?

Foundation Worldview is committed to providing top-quality, research-based materials that transform the way kids think. Frequently, those interested in our materials have a heart for investing in the next generation, yet limited funds. Donations help Foundation Worldview continue to produce transformative resources and get them into the hands of those who need them most.

How does your donation equip the next generation?


Transform Thinking

Your investment doesn't just present kids with the truth. It provides research-based materials that transform the way kids evaluate every idea they encounter.


Abandon Blind-Belief

Most Christian products simply tell kids what to believe. Your donation provides kids with materials that prepare them to exchange blind-belief for evidence-based trust.


Multiply Impact

Your donation multiplies the impact of our ministry - equipping more children to understand why they can confidently place their trust in God's Word.

Give today and invest in the biblical worldview development of future generations.