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Foundation Attributes of God Curriculum

A new 25 Lesson Curriculum for ages 4+ that helps children understand the character and nature of God. With these little ones, we dive into Scripture, learning the amazing truths of who God is and how very different He is from us.

The Attributes of God

Helping Children Know the God of the Bible

If we want to raise children who remain firmly rooted in the faith, we must ensure that they know God as He truly is, not as they or others want him to be or believe Him to be.

They need an understanding of God that is grounded in the truth of Scripture, God’s self- revelation.

What's Covered in Foundation Attributes of God Curriculum?

The Attributes of God curriculum includes 25 lessons, each structured in a way that aligns with how God designed the child mind to learn. The lessons break down complex truths about God in simple ways through repetition, games, and deep-thinking questions.

The first 13 lessons focus on the incommunicable attributes of God — the attributes that only God possesses. A few examples are “God is self-existent,” “God is infinite,” and “God is immutable.” The final 12 lessons focus on the communicable attributes of God — the attributes that God invites us to reflect. A few examples are “God is just,” “God is merciful,” and “God is holy.

The lessons throughout this series are broken up into groupings of three, with two lessons covering attributes of God and the next lesson exploring how we should respond to those attributes.

This curriculum is designed to prepare young children to unmask the lies about God they are presented with in the culture and even within the Christian community.

What's Included?

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