Fanny Crosby: The Girl Who Couldn't See But Helped The World To Sing

Laura Caputo-Wickham

Ages 4-7

Though she lost her sight as an infant, Fanny Crosby lived a life of faithfulness and gratitude to God. She invested her time writing hymns of praise, many of which we still sing today.

Question 1 - How did Fanny respond when people told her what a pity it was that she couldn’t see?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Fanny would explain that the first sight her eyes would ever see would be the face of Jesus.

Question 2 - How did Fanny use her time and gifts to honor God?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Fanny spent her days writing hymns that praise God. Introduce your children to the hymn Blessed Assurance if they are not already familiar with it.

Question 3 - How can you use the gifts God has given you to honor Him?

Discussion Guide - Discuss gifts you see in your children, how you already see them using those gifts to glorify God, and how they could use those gifts in the future.

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