The Green Ember

S.D. Smith


Heather and Picket are two ordinary rabbits living in Nick Hollow, yet their happy life is constantly overshadowed by threats of war in the Great Wood and the cruel wolves and Birds of Prey that threaten their borders. When disaster strikes, brother and sister must join with the cause of the Mended Wood if they are to survive– a cause that seeks to establish the rule of the true rabbit king over Natalia. But as the secrets of their family's past and the royal crown come to the surface, Heather and Picket must choose whom they will trust, or if anyone can be trusted.

Question 1—Throughout the story, we see the importance of Heather and Pickett sticking together as a family to succeed. We also see that when they remember their parents' love for them and goodness toward them they are motivated to be brave and courageous. How is this message different from the message many books and shows give about family?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how many books and shows portray families as holding the main character back from being their true selves. In this book, the characters learn how to be their best selves by leaning into the love of their family.

Question 2 - What begins happening to Pickett as he feels sorry for himself?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Pickett focuses only on himself and his anger. He is blind to the good around him and the many things he has to be grateful for.

Question 3 - The vision of the Mended Wood is central to many of the characters’ motivations in this book. They do not become discouraged by the here and now because they are focused on fighting to achieve the Mended Wood. How is this similar to what a Christian’s focus should be in this life?

Discussion Guide - Read Romans 5:1-5 and Revelation 21:1-4. Discuss how Christians are to view even suffering as something that will prepare us for the hope of the True Mended Wood, when Jesus returns and ushers in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

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