The Monster in the Hollows: The Wing Feather Saga

Andrew Peterson

Ages 8-12

By the Maker’s hand, the Wingfeather family has made it across the Dark Sea of Darkness and to the haven of the Green Hollows, home to the only warriors in Aerwiar able to keep the Fangs at Bay. The only problem is that Kalmar now looks exactly like the Fangs the Hollowsfolk have been fighting for nine years, and they are not of a nature to be forgiving. As the family tries to overcome the Hollish suspicions and make a life for themselves in Ban Rona, they must determine whom they can trust… and who is the real monster of the Hollows.

Question 1 - Janner is forced to confront Grigory Bunge in the middle of the story since it is the only direct way to protect his family. Why is standing up for the weak and helpless so important?

Discussion Guide - Read Psalm 82:2-5 and Matthew 25:34-40. Discuss how God calls us to defend the weak because God is just. Defending the weak reflects God’s character. And whatever we do for the “least of these,” we have done for Jesus.

Question 2 - Bonifer betrays the children and Anniera itself to Gnag, saying that he did it “all for love.” Clearly, his actions were not loving. What does the Bible reveal about how living in sin distorts our perspective of what is true?

Discussion Guide - Read Romans 1:18-31. Discuss how this passage reveals that when we exchange the truth of God for a lie and serve the creature rather than the creator, our thinking becomes futile, and our hearts are darkened. Talk about how this clearly happened to Bonifer, in that he believed his actions of betrayal were actually done out of love.

Question 3 - Esben gives Kalmar a beautiful reminder as he’s dying that Kalmar is still the King of Anniera and beloved of his father even though he is broken. How can this be a reminder of God’s great love for us and what Jesus has done?

Discussion Guide - Read Romans 5:1-11. Discuss how God sent Jesus while we were still sinners. We could do nothing to earn God’s love, mercy, and grace, yet He has freely given them to us because of who He is.

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