The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles

Champ Thornton and Andrew David Naselli


What starts as a normal day running away from bullies and mundanity turns into much, much more for the twins Nomi and Emmet when they discover a strange artifact. Soon they find themselves traveling through a mysterious scroll into a world of Biblical stories, filled with riddles to unravel and questions of whom to trust. But will the twins be able to solve the mysteries, or will they never return home again?

Question 1 - There are a lot of conversations about trust in this book, and sometimes the children don’t know if they’re on the right side. Have you ever been in s situation where you didn’t know what was right? What did you do? How do we, as Christians, determine what is right and what is wrong?

Discussion Guide - Allow your children to share a personal situation for the first two questions, and be prepared to share one of your own. Then discuss how God has given us His Word as the ultimate guide for right and wrong. Discuss how once we have repented of our sin and trusted in Jesus alone, we are to submit ourselves under the authority of God’s Word and live according to God’s commands.

Question 2 - Nomi and Emmet meet Adam and Eve early on in the story, who talk about how the serpent deceived them and turned them against each other. Read through the Genesis 3 account together. According to Genesis 3, what relationships were broken because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Adam and Eve’s relationship with one another (3:7), God (3:8), themselves (3:12-13), and creation (3:17-18) were broken. As their children, we have inherited Adam’s sin and all of these broken relationships (Romans 5:12). The only remedy to this is new life in Jesus (1 Corinthian 15:21-22).

Question 3 - Throughout the story. the twins have to rely on the written words of the scroll in order to make it through their adventure. How is this similar to or different than the Christian’s relationship with God’s Word?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how God’s Word gives us a true picture of reality. As fallen image-bearers, we cannot trust our hearts or our culture to guide us correctly. We must rely on the unchanging words of God, the creator and sustainer of reality.

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