The Truth About Poop

Susan E. Goodman

Ages 8-12

While we do not want our children to use “potty talk,” even the biological functions associated with such talk can reveal the goodness of God’s design. The many facts highlighted in The Truth About Poop reveal God’s amazing design for creation and how humans, as His image-bearers, reflect Him through our ability to invent and create.

Question 1 - What were two or three of your favorite facts in the “Birds Do It, Bees Do It” section? How do these facts point to the design of each creature?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how different creatures were designed with excretory systems that function differently to meet the needs of their species.

Question 2 - The “History of the Toilet” section outlined how humans have made improvements to bathrooms over the years. Why is it that humans are the only species that creates such simple inventions?

Discussion Guide - Read Genesis 1:26-28. Discuss how humans bear God's image and, thus, reflect His ability to create. Then, discuss how technological inventions, such as the toilet, fit into the command to “fill the earth and subdue it.”

Question 3 - What were two or three of your favorite facts in the “Useful Poop” section? How do these facts once again point to God’s design?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how the many uses of poop show both God’s creativity and His sustaining provision over creation.

Bonus Question - If your child has gone through Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum, ask, “How does the design found in poop point to God?”

Discussion Guide - Discuss how design always comes from an intelligent designer.

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