The Warden and the Wolf King

Andrew Peterson

Ages 8-12

War comes to the Green Hollows with the coming of spring, but the Wingfeather children are once again scattered. Kalmar and Janner journey to confront Gnag in the Castle Throg, while Leeli defends the Hollish fighters with a song in Ban Rona. As their separate ways lead them closer and closer to Gnag the Nameless, Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli must come face to face with their enemy and defeat him in the final battle for the freedom of Aerwiar.

Question 1 - Armulyn sings songs of Anniera because he says that he is homesick for it, a feeling that Sara and many other characters resonate with. When we feel a similar feeling, like we do not belong here, what should this feeling point us to?

Discussion Guide - Read Hebrews 11:13-16. Then, discuss how our home is not on this earth. So, Christians should feel a sense of homesickness for the new heaven and new earth.

Question 2 - Gnag sought to destroy Anniera and the Jewels because he thought he was unloved; all he truly wanted was a name. He did not realize he already had a name, so he sought to make one for himself. How does Gnag's quest reflect what we see happening in our world today with the lie that we can make everything align with our feelings (change our gender, find our identity in our desires, make everyone affirm us, etc.)

Discussion Guide - Discuss how, just as Gnag already had a name, all humans are born with an unshakable identity as God’s image bearers (Genesis 1:26-27). On top of this, God desires that we be adopted into his family (2 Peter 3:9). Our culture teaches us to seek out a flimsy, ever-changing identity for ourselves when the only true and lasting identity is found as image-bearers who are reconciled to God.

(SPOILER ALERT - We recommend that you not read this question and discussion guide until you have completed the series.)

Question 3 - Throughout the series, Janner’s fatal flaw has been selfishness. How do we see him overcome this flaw at the end of the book, and what lesson can we learn from this act?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Janner lays down his life for Kalmar. He faithfully fulfills his duty as a throne warden and new life is brought to Anniera. Read Luke 9:23-25 and John 12:24-26. Discuss how the call of the Christian is to die daily to ourselves and follow Jesus, and from this death springs new life.

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