What Am I?

Andy Steiger, Rachel MacKenzie

What does it mean to be human? Are we just a collection of parts? Or is there more to us than that? Join Amare, his little sister Nya, and their robot Bobo as they explore what they are made of and what they were made for.

Question 1 - Bobo knew what everything was made of, but he did not know what things were made for. Find an object in the room and talk about what the object is made of and what it is made for.

Discussion Guide - Make sure your child understands the difference between what something is made of and what it is made for. You can repeat this activity several times to solidify the concept.

Question 2 - Who gets to decide what something is made for? For example, who is it that got to decide that spoons are used for eating, not rowing boats?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how the person who designed or created an object is the one who gets to decide what it was made for (its purpose).

Question 3 - If it is the creator of something that gets to decide what that thing is for, who gets to decide what you and I were made for?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how God is the one who gets to decide our purpose because He is the one who created us. Then discuss ways you can fulfill that purpose of loving God and others.

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