What Is Heaven Like?

Richard Eng

Jesse is excited about an early morning fishing trip with his dad to celebrate his 6th birthday. However, during this trip, he learns a whole lot more than how to catch fish. He learns what heaven is like.

Question 1 - Is it easier for us to see when we are swimming underwater or when we are on top of the water?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how it is easier to see when we are on top of the water. Then discuss how Jesse’s dad said that heaven will be like seeing on top of the water for the first time, finally seeing everything clearly.

Question 2 - What are some things that you enjoy doing and some things you do not enjoy doing?

Discussion Guide - Discuss the things your child enjoys and does not enjoy doing. Then discuss how Jesse’s dad said that in heaven, all the work God allows us to do, we will enjoy.

Question 3 - What are some things you look forward to doing in the new heaven and new earth?

Discussion Guide - Let your child share a few things. Then discuss how we will be with God forever, we will have glorified bodies that never et old or sick, and sin and death will forever be destroyed.

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