What Is Truth?

Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Ages 4-8

Join Sebastian and Gregg on a thrilling intellectual adventure in Elizabeth Urbanowicz’s captivating children’s book, vibrantly brought to life by Miranda Duncan’s illustrations.

Our two charismatic characters guide young readers on a playful exploration of ‘truth,’ a word filled with profound meaning. With a blend of real-world examples and interactive participation, children are invited to discern what’s real and what’s not alongside their new friends. From acknowledging that grass is indeed green to laughing about the absurdity of flying puppies, Sebastian and Gregg make understanding truth an exhilarating journey.

Aligning these discoveries with biblical teachings, the book instills an early appreciation for truth in the hearts of young readers - because truth is what is real, and knowing what is real truly is important!

Question 1 - What is truth?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how truth is what is real.

Question 2 - Continue playing the game modeled in the book, giving your child different sentences and having him or her discern whether or not they are true.

Question 3 - What might happen if you did not know the truth?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how knowing the truth is important. If you didn’t know the truth about the time school started, you might always be late. If you didn’t know the truth about the right medicine to take, you could get sick. If you didn’t know the truth about which side of the road cars drive on, you could get run over.

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