God's Good Design for Churches

Foundation God's Good Design Curriculum Church Pricing

Each license comes with the full God's Good Design Curriculum with over 8.5 hours of instructional content and 30 lessons with activity sheets.

Equip Families with Biblical Truth in Your Church

Foundation Worldview's "God's Good Design Curriculum" is a powerful tool to help your church support families in teaching children ages 4-8 about God's design for identity, gender, sexuality, marriage, and family. With our flexible church licensing options, you can bring this curriculum to your congregation in a way that best fits your church’s needs, ensuring that both parents and children are grounded in biblical truths. Here’s how you can effectively implement this curriculum in a church setting.

Two Church Licensing Options

What's Different

Unique License Options for Churches

For God's Good Design, the licensing options for churches differ from our other curriculums. In this video, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explains these unique licensing models and how they can be implemented to effectively use the God's Good Design curriculum with families in your church.

A Catalyst for Family Discipleship in Your Church

By incorporating "God's Good Design Curriculum" into your church's family ministry, you can help parents fulfill their God-given role in discipling their children, ensuring that the next generation is rooted in biblical truth.

Implementation Strategies for Your License Type

Licensing Options
Two Options for Your Church

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