Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum

Evaluate Every Idea

Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum expands on the previous year, giving 10-14 year olds the skills they need to unmask faulty ideas and embrace the truth.

What’s Covered in Year Two?

Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum equips 10-14 year olds with the basic skills they need to evaluate the truthfulness of ideas. This Curriculum sets the stage for critical thinking in every area of life. As children begin to learn the basic skills in careful thinking, they quickly begin to recognize faulty ideas in the world around them.

Scope and Sequence

Digital and Print

Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum is primarily a digital product. Purchasing a license allows for 24/7 access to the curriculum via the internet for a full calendar year. Print copies of the Instructors' Guide and Student Activity Sheets are available as an add-on.

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