Develop Critical Thinking Skills and a Trust in God’s Word

Sunday School Curriculum

Foundation’s Sunday school curriculums for kids are perfect for Sunday classes whether online or in-person. Children are capable of thinking critically and understanding the truth of the Christian worldview. That is why we have developed Sunday school curriculums that equip the kids in your care to see that Christianity lines up with reality in a way that no other worldview does.
Fully Adaptable Sunday School Curriculum

Features included with each purchase

Video Overview for Sunday School Teachers

Instructor videos give children’s pastors and volunteers all the content in advance.

Complete Sunday School Teacher Guide

Teachers are given detailed instructions that easily guide them through the lesson and cut down on prep time.

Access for a Full Calendar year

Each license provides digital access to all materials for a full calendar year for Sundays.

Flexible Pricing to Meet Your Church's Needs

Whether you want to implement our curriculums in your Sunday school, kids ministry, or in individual homes, we have an option for you!

Full Lesson Videos

Lesson videos teach the content directly to the kids in your ministry, taking the pressure off volunteers.

Child Activity Sheets

Activity sheets guide kids through each lesson, engaging them in critical thinking, exploration, and biblical worldview development.

Home Connection

A Home Connection activity aims at extending the lesson and engaging the entire family outside of Sunday church times.

A transformative tool at church or at home.

Most Sunday school curriculums engage children in God’s story through teaching biblical narratives and practicing Scripture memory. These components are vital in forming hearts that love God. However, Foundation goes even deeper, engaging both the heart and mind. This level of depth is a rare quality to find in Sunday school curriculums.

You have the option to use Foundation in your children's Sunday program or make it available as a discipleship tool for families to use in their homes. Below is the information to help you choose the right plan for your needs.

Use in Churches

Purchasing this option will give your children's ministry team access to our curriculum for use in your children’s Sunday school lessons .

Use in Homes

Purchase individual home licenses at a reduced rate, giving the families in your church a quality discipleship tool. You can offer these licenses to families as a gift, or sell them at a discounted rate.

Use in Churches
Use in Homes
Ages 8-12

Comparative Worldview Curriculum

This product comes with 1 classroom license to use for up to 25 children. The license will be accessible for 1-year upon activation. You can add additional licenses for up to 25 children below.

Initial License for up to 25 Children
License for Additional Groups of 25 Children

Please make sure your computer and internet connection meet the technical requirements.

Ages 9-13

Careful Thinking Curriculum


Please make sure your computer and internet connection meet the technical requirements.