Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum provides all the materials and supports needed to lead students through comparative worldview analysis. Organized into five units with five or six lessons, each meeting state and Common Core standards, the curriculum is designed to be easily used in a homeschool, classroom, or church setting. Each lesson does not merely present students with information but structures the material in a way that fosters comprehension and practical application. The media analysis component uses clips from popular (age appropriate) television shows and movies to prepare students to abandon passive reception of information and become active evaluators of every message they receive. 

What's Covered

What is Truth? What should I worship? How can I tell right from wrong? Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum equips elementary students to answer the big questions. The Curriculum is not intended to be just another class added to the school day. Rather, it is a course that will set the stage for critical worldview analysis and biblical worldview integration in every other subject area. As students begin to learn the basic tenets of competing worldviews in our society, they quickly will begin to recognize these philosophies in novels, textbooks, television shows, movies, music, and daily conversations.

  • Lesson 1: Truth is What is Real
  • Lesson 2: God is the Source of Truth
  • Lesson 3: Satan is the Source of Lies
  • Lesson 4: God’s Word is Our Highest Authority
  • Lesson 5: Truth is Not a Feeling
  • Lesson 1: A Worldview is Like a Map
  • Lesson 2: We Worship What We Believe is Most Important
  • Lesson 3: We are Designed to Worship God
  • Lesson 4: Worldviews and Worship – Naturalism and New Spirituality
  • Lesson 5: Worldviews and Worship – Islam and Postmodernism
  • Lesson 6: Contrasting Objects of Worship
  • Lesson 1: Life Contains Information
  • Lesson 2: Information Always Comes from an Intelligent Source
  • Lesson 3: The Information in Life Points to a Purposeful Cause
  • Lesson 4: God Created All Life
  • Lesson 5: Worldviews and Life – Naturalism, New Spirituality, Islam, and Postmodernism
  • Lesson 1: God Purposefully Designed Humans in His Image
  • Lesson 2: Humans are Not Animals and We Have Purposeful Gender
  • Lesson 3: Humans are Both Body and Soul
  • Lesson 4: Worldviews and Humans – Naturalism and New Spirituality
  • Lesson 5: Worldviews and Humans – Islam and Postmodernism
  • Lesson 6: Contrasting Views of Humans.
  • Lesson 1: Right and Wrong are Truths, Not Feelings
  • Lesson 2: Right and Wrong are Based on God’s Character
  • Lesson 3: Worldviews and Morality – Naturalism and New Spirituality
  • Lesson 4: Worldviews and Morality – Islam and Postmodernism
  • Lesson 5: Contrasting Views on Morality

Why Worldview Education?

Christians need to directly instruct their children in worldview analysis and equip them to recognize how the Christian worldview lines up with reality in a way that no other worldview does. While there are valuable comparative worldview resources for high school and college-age students, waiting until these later years to provide such instruction is detrimental. Critical thinking skills begin to develop in the mid-elementary years. The Christian community needs to make the most of these formative years by preparing children to encounter the hundreds of false messages they encounter daily and equipping them to be life-long disciples of Jesus.

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What's Included


Video Content

Videos of the content being taught by an experienced educator can be played for students. Or, if teachers choose to present the material themselves, slide decks are available to use as a reference tool and visual aid.


Teaching Aids

Detailed lesson plans are presented in a way that makes each lesson easy to teach. Instructor videos explain the philosophical and theological content for each lesson and demonstrate the activities involved.


Student Activity Sheets

Each lesson includes activity sheets that engage students in a variety of best-practice strategies. These activities are designed to foster critical thinking and support student learning.



Students have the opportunity to show that they have met the learning goal in each lesson through a formative ‘Know It and Show It’ assessment. The end of each unit also includes a summative assessment to measure student growth.


Home Connection

To further support the learning process, each lesson also includes a Home Connection activity, aimed at extending the lesson and engaging the entire family.

Digital and Print

Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum is primarily a digital product. Purchasing a license allows for 24/7 access to curriculum via the internet for a full calendar year. New: Print copies of the Instructors’ Guide and the Student Activity Sheets are now available as an add-on! 

Designed By A Teacher For Teachers

Teaching kids about worldview can seem intimidating, but Foundation Comparative Worldview Curriculum is designed so that it can be taught by anyone from experienced educators to volunteer teachers. Resources include an Instructors’ Guide that clearly outlines objectives and provides a step-by-step guide through the procedures of each lesson. Instructor overview videos explain the theological and philosophical aspects of the content so you can understand the concepts on a deeper level ahead of time.