Bible Infographics for Kids

Bible Infographics for Kids presents facts about different Bible time periods, events, and people in easy-to-understand graphics. It is a great resource to help kids better understand Bible history as they read through the Bible on their own.

Follow-Up Activity - One of the best ways to help our kids and ourselves remember the information we learn is to summarize that information in both words and visuals (symbols or pictures). We recommend that as your child reads through each section of this book, you have him or her summarize what they learned in 1-3 sentences and then draw a picture or symbol to represent that information.

Bonus Activity - If your child has gone through Foundation Studying the Bible Curriculum, along with the summary and pictures suggested above, we recommend you have your child identify in which Bible time period each event took place. Then have them explain how they can see one of the three main Bible themes present in that narrative.

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