Corrie ten Boom: The Courageous Woman and the Secret Room

Laura Caputo-Wickham

Corrie ten Boom lived a life of faithfulness to Jesus in a very dark period in history. This story should encourage our children to live faithfully for Jesus, no matter the circumstance in which they find themselves.

Question 1 - Why were Corrie and her family sent to prison?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Corrie and her family chose to protect Jewish people who were being mistreated and killed.

Question 2 - How did God protect and bless Corrie, even when she was in prison?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how God always ensured she had a Bible and how many people came to know Jesus through Corrie and Betsy’s Bible studies.

Question 3 - What does it mean that “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still”?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how this means that God will help us even in the worst situations. Read Romans 8:28-29 and discuss how God works all things together for good for His children by using all things, even terrible ones, to make us more like Jesus (conform us to the image of His Son).

Bonus Question - If your child has gone through Foundation Early Childhood Worldview Curriculum, ask your child why it was okay for Corrie and her family to disobey the government and hide Jews.

Discussion Guide - Remind your child that God is the source of the rules for right and wrong (Lesson 23), not people, the government, or anyone else. Therefore, if the government’s rules go against God’s rules, we must follow God’s rules.

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