Polly and the Screentime Overload

Betsy Childs Howard

Polly is excited to spend a week with her grandparents on their farm. She cannot wait to milk the cows, pick blueberries, and play with her cousins. However, when Polly arrives at the farm, she finds herself even more excited about spending time on the iTab her Aunt Patty gives her. Will Polly spend her whole vacation on the iTab, or will she realize it is much more fun to spend time with the people and animals she loves?

Question 1 - What things was Polly excited about doing when she went to the farm?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Polly was excited to see her grandparents, milk the cows, feed the pigs, pick blueberries, and play with her cousins in the barn.

Question 2 - What happened when Polly started playing with the iTab?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how she only paid attention to the iTab and missed out on playing with her cousins, visiting Mustard in the barn, feeding the pigs, getting the rest she needed, and spending time with her grandparents.

Question 3 - Why did Polly decide to stop playing with her iTab?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how she had so much more fun helping with the animals, building a fort in the barn with her cousins, and talking with her grandparents.

Bonus Question - If your child has gone through Foundation Biblical Worldview Curriculum, ask your child why is talking and playing with people so much better for us than playing with screens.

Discussion Guide - Remind your child that we are God’s image-bearers, and He created us to be in relationship with other image-bearers.

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