Pooch and the Pearly Gates

J.D. Camorlinga


Pooch isn’t excited by the idea of going to even. Being in a winged creature that does nothing but sing and play harps sounds boring. Fortunately, James and Ruth are there to set Pooch straight, helping him understand the truths God’s word reveals about eternity.

Question 1 - What are some things that make James and Ruth excited about their forever home?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how James and Ruth are excited about no more sickness and death, enough food for everyone, no more tears, and no more sin.

Question 2 - What are some of the lies that Pooch believed about heaven?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Pooch believed that we would spend eternity in heaven. He also believed that we would become angels and do nothing but sing and play harps. And he believed that we get to heaven by doing good things.

Question 3 - What truths did James and Ruth share with Pooch?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how James and Ruth shared that we will spend eternity on the new earth, which will be a beautiful place full of good food, unbreakable bodies, and Christian loved ones. The only way we can live forever in the new earth is through salvation through Jesus.

Bonus Question - If your children have gone through Foundation Biblical Worldview Curriculum, play the “True/Not True” game with the different statements made by James, Ruth, and Pooch throughout the book. For example, “Christians will live in heaven forever.” (Not true. After the resurrection, Christians will live forever on the new earth.)

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