‘Possums and the Empty Tomb

J.D. Camorlinga

How do we really know Jesus rose from the grave? That is a question that even our little ones should be able to answer on a basic level. And that is exactly what ‘Possums and the Empty Tomb equips kids to do.

Question 1
Is it possible that Jesus’ disciples just stole the body and told everyone that Jesus rose?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how many of the disciples were killed for following Jesus. While many people die for beliefs that are not true, it is vey unlikely that people will die for a belief they know is a lie.

Question 2
Maybe did the disciples just get confused and check the wrong tomb?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how the tomb belonged to a well-known, wealthy man. If the disciples had just checked the wrong tomb, the Roman and Jewish leaders could have easily proved that Jesus’ body was in the right tomb.

Question 3
Could Jesus have just been playing dead?

Discussion Guide - Have your child try to lift an object that is too heavy for him or her to carry. (Be sure there is no danger of your child becoming injured by attempting to lift the object.) Ask your child if he or she could lift this object with two broken arms. Then explain that Jesus was injured very, very badly. There is no way He could have moved a several thousand pound stone in His injured condition and then convinced people He was resurrected.

Bonus Question
If your child has gone through Foundation Early Childhood Worldview Curriculum, ask your child, “What does it mean if Jesus rising from the grave is a truth?”

Discussion Guide - Have your child explain what truth is (truth is what is real). Then discuss how our feelings about Jesus cannot change whether or not He rose from the grave.

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