The King and the Dragon

James Shrimpton

Ages 4-7

This story, written in the form of a poem, walks little ones through the overarching story of the gospel. The illustrations will capture children’s imaginations, while the storyline will help parents engage in gospel-centered discussions with their children.

Question 1 - Why was the King the best king the world had ever known?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how the King made the world and everyone in it. He knew best what they needed. Connect this to God, our Creator, who is the true and best King.

Question 2 - Why wasn’t it enough for the knight just to beat the dragon?

Discussion Guide - The dragon’s poison was still in the people. Connect this to sin. It wasn’t enough for Jesus to defeat Satan. Because we have inherited Adam’s sin, Jesus also needed to defeat the power and punishment of sin.

Question 3 - What is the King’s desire for His children?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how the King wanted His children to become like the Knight. Connect this to the Spirit’s work in the life of the Chrisitan. As we seek God through His Word, the Holy Spirit conforms us more to the image of Jesus.

Bonus Question - If your children have gone through Foundation Attributes of God Curriculum, ask, “In this story, what attributes of God do we see that He alone possesses? What attributes do we see that He kindly invites us to reflect?”

Discussion Guide - Discuss how the story portrays God’s self-sufficiency and omnipotence. Then, discuss how it also shows God’s mercy, grace, and love. To remind your children of these attributes, you can review several of the curriculum games for these attributes.

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