June 2022 Book Club Recommendations

June 01, 2022

Our goal in the Foundation Worldview Book Club is to provide resources for you to have meaningful, literature-based worldview discussions with the children God has placed in your care. We work hard to choose books with insightful, truth-based themes. However, we know that our subscribers will have different convictions about the content they allow in their homes, churches, and classrooms. We encourage you to read the recommended books ahead of time, to ensure that the content fits within the framework you have already established in your ministry context. Please also note that by recommending a certain book, Foundation Worldview is not endorsing every work published by a particular author.

Book for Adults

Masters & Slayers

Bryan Davis

If you’re looking for a good summer fiction read, we recommend Masters & Slayers, the first book in the Tales of Starlight Series. This book chronicles the adventures of expert swordsmen Adrian and Marcelle, who journey to another world to rescue fellow humans enslaved by dragons.

Book for Children Ages 8-12

Who Am I and Why Do I Matter?

Chris Morphew

What better time than summer break to help ground our children in their true identity as image-bearers loved by God. And that is exactly the aim of this book.

Each chapter is titled with a question about identity. We recommend that you read through this book with your child, stopping after each chapter to discuss the answer to the question posed in the chapter title. After you have finished reading through the entire book, you can discuss the following questions.

Question 1 - What is the danger in falsely believing that we can create our own identity?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how any identity we make for ourselves is a false identity, a lie. All the other objects in which we put our identity are constantly changing. Therefore, any identity we create for ourselves is both false and unstable.

Question 2 - How does knowing you are an image-bearer loved by God change the way you view yourself.

Discussion Guide - Discuss how understanding this true identity puts us on solid ground. There is not anyone or anything that can stop us from being an image-bearer or change the fact that God loves us.

Question 3 - How should knowing our true identity impact the way we live.

Discussion Guide - Discuss how understanding this true identity should free us from the weight of trying to create our own identity and lead us to love both God and others.

Bonus Question - If your child has gone through any of the Foundation Worldview curriculums, ask, “Is our identity, who we truly are, an objective truth or a subjective preference?”

Discussion Guide - Discuss how any claim about who we are is an objective claim. Either it is true that we are image-bearers loved by God or it is false. Our preferences and feelings cannot change the truth about who we are. (And that is good news!)

Book for Children Ages 4-7

Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up

Betsy Childs Howard

What do you do when you disobey? Can you just hide your sin before anyone finds out? Or is something different than hiding needed? That is exactly what Arlo learns in this book.

Question 1 - What did Arlo do that he wasn’t supposed to? Have you ever done things you weren’t supposed to? What do we call those bad things?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Arlo got off his bed and drew a picture on the wall. Allow your child to talk about one or two wrong things they have done. Then share one or two wrong things you have done. Discuss how these bad things are called sin. Sin is missing the mark, not doing the right thing.

Question 2 - What did Arlo try to do when he realized his mom would not be happy with the face on the wall? Have you ever tried to do something similar?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how Arlo tried to cover up his mistake, but it didn’t work. Allow your child to share about a time he or she tried to cover up their sin. Then share an example with them from your life.

Question 3 - What was the only solution to Arlo’s problem?

Discussion Guide - Discuss how the only solution was for Arlo to confess to his mom that he had colored on the wall and ask for her forgiveness. Read 1 John 1:7-9 together and discuss how God forgives us of our sin when we confess because of what Jesus has done for us.

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