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Christian Homeschool Curriculum to Navigate Culture

Foundation Worldview curriculums take the guesswork out of preparing your children to biblically navigate culture. We help you capitalize on these formative years, equipping your children to think critically, and understand the truth of the Christian worldview. Use our materials as a family discipleship tool or part of your homeschool day.
Features included with each purchase

More Than Just Another Devotional or Bible Class

Complete Parent Guide

Detailed instructions take the guesswork out of implementing our Christian homeschool curriculum. You can quickly identify all that is covered in a lesson.

Video Overview for Parents

Parent videos give you a heads up on the content covered, outline typical questions kids have, and show any materials that need advanced preparation.

Access for a Full Calendar Year

Each Foundation membership includes access to all digital materials for a full calendar year.

Child Activity Sheets

Each lesson includes activity sheets that engage children in a variety of critical thinking strategies.

Full Lesson Videos

We know that teaching worldview analysis can be challenging. That is why our Christian homeschool curriculums include videos that do all of the teaching for you.


Children have the opportunity to show that they have met the learning goal in each lesson through a 'Know It and Show It' activity. Homeschool families have the option of implementing formal assessments at the end of each unit.

Training On How To Think

Our Christian Homeschool Curriculum Helps Kids See Biblical Faith Is Not Blind

EdWeek's research on homeschoolers shows that sixty-seven percent of parents who choose to homeschool have done so to provide religious instruction. However, research also shows that Christian homeschooling typically does not make “the sort of transformative difference many parents who choose it hope for.” This failure to form children spiritually is due in part to faulty methods of educating children.

Most Christian homeschool curriculums teach children what to think rather than training them how to think well. Foundation Christian homeschool curriculums offer a different approach. Foundation helps parents capitalize on the formative years by equipping their children to think critically and see that the Christian worldview lines up with reality.

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The Perfect Fit for Your Discipleship Needs

The Foundation Christian homeschool curriculums provide your children with the critical thinking skills they need for lifelong discipleship.

Ages 8-12

Comparative Worldview Curriculum

This product comes with 1 license to use at home. The license will be accessible for 1-year upon activation.


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Ages 9-13

Careful Thinking Curriculum

Coming Spring 2021

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