What is Truth?

Teaching children to have a biblical worldview is essentially training them to identify and live according to the Truth while simultaneously equipping them to recognize and reject the countless lies they encounter. This first unit explores what Truth is, why knowing Truth is important, and why it can be difficult to discern between Truth and lies. This unit is designed to begin building a biblical foundation for recognizing, seeking, and living out Truth.

When children are eight to ten years of age, their concept of Truth generally doesn’t go much deeper than their understanding of their responsibility to tell the Truth in any given situation. When teaching the first several lessons, you may find that students have difficulty understanding the concept of ideas being True or untrue. However, each lesson in this unit builds upon the previous lessons—giving stories, examples, and activities designed to develop and refine students’ understanding of Truth. By the end of this unit, students should at least have a basic knowledge that every message they receive contains information that is either True (agreeing with, or matching, what we find in reality) or untrue (not agreeing with, or not matching, what we see in reality).

As you begin to prepare for teaching this unit, do not forget an essential element of preparation: prayer. We can present students with Truth. However, only God can soften hearts and transform minds. As you prepare for each lesson, pray that God would guide your time of teaching and strengthen you to present the material well to your students. Pray for your students by name, asking that the Holy Spirit would be at work in their hearts and minds. Pray that the Lord would give your students a clear understanding of who He is and how His Word answers “big life questions” in a way no other worldview can.

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