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Finding the Right Words to Label False Ideas

Ever hear a false claim but struggle to come up with a way to articulate why it's false? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz demonstrates how to identify false ideas and how to practice finding the right words to communicate why the idea is false.

When Should Kids Start Reading the Bible Independently?

At what age should kids begin learning to read the Bible independently? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz looks at how and when to start kids on their way to read the Bible on their own with practical tips you can use today.

Bible Translations to Avoid

What Bible translations should we avoid? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz looks at translations that we may want to consider avoiding, especially when reading with our children. Listen as she shares tips and insights into translations and why certain translations should be avoided.

My Kid Doesn't Hear or Experience God

Is your child struggling because no matter how much they believe, they are having a hard time hearing or experiencing God? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores how to guide children in their expectations for experiences with God and looks to the Bible and how God speaks to us.

January 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for January 2023.

Parenting with Conflicting Worldviews

What do you do when parents have worldviews that collide? Is your spouse not a believer and you're trying to teach your child that there is one true worldview? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores how to approach this dynamic within your home.

Reasoning with an Emotionally Driven Child

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores how to reason for the faith with a child who tends to be driven by their emotions or feelings. We'll look at helping them understand the concept of truth, how to discern it, and ultimately checking if their emotions or feelings towards something aligns with what is true.

Supporting Homosexual or Transgender Friends: A Biblical Perspective

How should we guide our children when they're wanting to know how they can be supportive of their friends who say they are homosexual or transgender? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz looks at this question from a biblical perspective to help define friendship, love, and acceptance.

God Made Me This Way: Justifying a Sinful Lifestyle

Today's question says, "Often in the media or in the mainstream world, we hear non-believers who latch onto this idea of the image of God and say, 'Well, I'm made in the image of God, so how can my lifestyle or any type of sin be wrong?' How do we talk to our kids about this?" Listen as Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores what it means to be created in God's image and our ability to sin.

Invite Others In Without Burning Out: The Introvert's Guide to Biblical Hospitality

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the thought of being hospitable as an introvert? Are you struggling to balance your need for alone time with biblical hospitality? This episode will provide helpful tips and strategies for practicing biblical hospitality without burning out. How can we create boundaries, set realistic expectations, and prioritize self-care while showing kindness to others?

Defining Words

In today's world, it can be hard to differentiate between what is true and what is false. With both sides using the same terms, how do we know who to trust? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz will provide insight into how to differentiate truth when both sides are using the same language.

Homeschool or Public School?

Do you believe Christians should favor homeschooling more than public school? In this video, Elizabeth Urbanowicz take an in-depth look into the debate between public and homeschooling, particularly from a Christian perspective. We explore the pros and cons of each option, as well as discuss what biblical principles should be taken into consideration when making such an important decision.

Christian Dating Advice for Your Kids

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz shares advice on how parents can help their children build a healthy, biblical foundation for dating. With solid advice and scripture-based insights, this episode will equip you with the tools needed to help your children have a proper perspective on dating. If you're a Christian parent of teens or soon to be, tune in for dating advice to help set your child up for success.

Best Place to Live for a Child's Spiritual Development

Searching for the best place to live for your child's spiritual development? With so many options of places where we could choose to raise the children that God has placed in our care, what should we be thinking about when it comes the location of where we're living? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz provides key points to consider as you wrestle with the location you are in and raising children to become spiritually mature disciples.

Raising Children from a Place of Fear

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz addresses the question about raising children from a place of fear. What is healthy vs unhealthy fear? Listen in for insight and encouragement as you disciple the children God has placed in your care.

How Should Kids Respond to False Ideas

We want our children to be able to recognize what is true and what is false. But how should our kids respond to a false idea when they recognize it? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz talks about how to guide our children to know when to appropriately respond to a false claim and how to do so.

My kids don't know if the Bible is true!

In this podcast episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz helps parents guide their kids who don't believe in the Bible. If you're a parent in this situation, you may be wondering where these ideas are coming from and whether this skepticism is healthy, intellectual, or rebellious. How should the kids in your care feel after your conversation with them? What is a reasonable amount of evidence that parents need to provide their children that the Bible is true? By the end of the episode, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to help your kids articulate their questions, and understand your point of view, without sacrificing the relationship.

Which Parent Should Give the Sex Talk?

It's no secret that sexuality is a tough topic for parents to broach with their kids. After all, it's not something that most of us feel comfortable talking about. How do we talk to kids about sex and sexuality, and when's the right time to do so? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz answers the question, "Do you think it is more valuable for a dad to have talks about sexuality with a son or is either parent just as valuable?"