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7 Lies Your Kids Will Believe Unless You Do Something

What are 7 common lies that even adults may not catch? Watch a special interview where Elizabeth talks to host Pastor Mike Winger (The Bible Thinker) about this issue confronting our kids.

An Expert Synthesis of Christian School Curriculums and Guide for Teachers and Administrators

Foundation Christian School Curriculums are designed by Elizabeth Urbanowicz, a former Christian Public School teacher. She is dedicated to prepare the next generation to be lifelong critical thinkers and disciples of Jesus Christ.

“What is God Like” Book Review: Helping Our Kids Discern What God Is Like…And What He Is Not

An expert children’s book review to help kids discern What God Is Like…And What He Is Not.

Apologetics For Kids - A True Wake Up Call!

Looking for great resources for apologetics for kids from elementary school and on? Start here! Short guide with recommended books and practical advice.

Ways to Encourage Preschoolers to Seek Truth

The preschool years provide a fantastic opportunity for setting our children on the pathway of seeking truth. When we capitalize on their God-given gift of memory and develop the pattern of discerning truth from error, we prepare them to understand the truth of the Christian worldview.

The Worldview Behind the Public Education System

No, not all public-school teachers share the sentiments of Matthew Ray, and not all Christian families will choose the same educational option for their children. However, as Christians, it is our responsibility to understand the worldview framework in which our children are educated and to prayerfully consider how we will prepare them to navigate the waters.

Part 6: Mommy, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

In the final blog post of the six-part series, we discuss what heaven's role plays in our lives as believers.

Part 5: Mommy, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

After exploring all these topics, you hopefully understand a lot more about why bad things happen. However, you might still wonder if there is any good news about all the bad things we find in our world.

Part 4: Mommy, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

We already talked about why bad things, sad things, scary things, and hurtful things happen – they happen because of sin. You might wonder, "Why didn't God just create us so that we could never sin?

Part 3: Mommy, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

In our previous posts, we saw that bad things are the result of sin. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, chose to rebel against God. Their sin caused creation to be cursed and made it so that all humans are born with a sinful nature.

Part 2: Mommy, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

In our previous post, we looked at the question, "Where do bad things come from?" And we saw that all the bad things we see in our world come from sin.

Part 1: Mommy, Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Sometimes you might wonder, “If God is good, why does He let bad things happen?” That is a great question, and it is a question many people have asked before.

Celebrating Easter In Isolation: The Beauty Behind It

Yes, this Easter will be a lonely one. Lord willing, it will be the only one we face in isolation. But let us take full advantage of the ache of loneliness. Let it remind us of all that was won at the cross and the empty tomb.

How to Help Our Kids Have a Biblical Perspective of the Pandemic

As Christians, we know that fear is not from God. Although we don't know when the pandemic will end, it gives us the opportunity to talk with our children about the importance of maintaining a biblical worldview.

In the Age of Super Bowl Stripper Poles, Our Kids Must Be Prepared to Answer this Question

The 2020 Super Bowl halftime show was probably the most controversial halftime performance since Janet Jackson’s 2004 “wardrobe malfunction.” Secular sources praised J Lo and Shakira’s performance as an incredible show from "powerful, sexy women,” while Christian sources chastised the NFL for blatantly exposing children to soft porn.

Teaching Our Kids that Christianity is Not Against Science

As Christians, we should want our children to view science as a valuable tool for gaining knowledge about the physical world. However, we need to help them see the foolishness of believing science is the only way of gaining knowledge.

Part 3: How Not to Teach the Bible to Our Kids

In this blog series, we discuss the dos and don'ts of teaching the Bible to our children. Part 3 explains the importance of giving our kids independence when reading Scripture.

Christian Homeschooling: 3 Reasons We Need to Roar Like a Mother (That Means You Too, Gentlemen)

Our children are growing up in a different world than we did. And they are asking deep questions at younger and younger ages. The Mama Bear Apologetics book is a much-needed manual to catch us up to speed on the ideas that influence our kids and their friends.