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How To Talk To Kids About Porn

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz discusses the crucial topic of when and how to start talking about pornography with our kids. The episode covers important aspects such as being proactive in addressing the issue, understanding what children are exposed to, and building a positive biblical foundation for human dignity and God's design for sex and sexuality.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

In this episode, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz dives into a deeply important question: how can a good and loving God allow suffering? This is a question that has been asked throughout history, and Elizabeth explores how to best teach our children to have a healthy theology of suffering. With practical advice and valuable resources, this episode will help you prepare your children to navigate a world full of suffering with a solid biblical foundation.

When is a Child Ready for Baptism?

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, we discuss the contentious topic of baptism and how to know when a child is ready for it. We also explore how to handle family animosity that may arise from differing views on baptism. Tune in as we dive into understanding the differences between infant baptism and believers' baptism and provide advice on how to approach this sensitive issue with wisdom and grace.

Teaching Kids About Slang Words for Sex & Sexuality

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz discusses whether and when to teach children about slang words related to sex and sexuality. As parents, should we be the ones who introduce these terms? Elizabeth shares her insights on age-appropriate discussions and the importance of building a positive biblical theology of sex and sexuality before our children are exposed to deviations from God's good design.

May 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for May 2023.

Why Orange Curriculum is Bad

In this eye-opening podcast episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz analyzes the effectiveness of the popular Orange Curriculum and discusses the pitfalls of proof-texting moral lessons. We'll even look at scripture-based alternatives to Orange Curriculum. Don't miss this essential conversation on transforming kids' ministry for the better!

Talking to Kids About Issues Like Yoga and Meditation

In today's episode, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz addresses a common question: "How do we talk with our kids about borderline things like yoga and meditation?" Tune in to learn how to distinguish between essential Christian doctrines and personal convictions, why it's crucial to root our beliefs in scripture, and how to navigate discussions about potentially controversial practices within the Christian community.

Is The Jesus Storybook Bible Theologically Accurate?

Is The Jesus Storybook Bible accurate or does it wander into heresy? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz reviews the popular children's storybook bible that is used in many homes, churches, and Christian schools worldwide. Learn about the book's engaging illustrations, accessible language, and cohesive representation of the biblical narrative, while also uncovering potential concerns.

How to Parent a Strong Willed Child

Today's question says, "how do I navigate maintaining a positive relationship with a strong-willed type A daughter? We have a tendency to butt heads and she tends to push the envelope and negotiate everything to her terms."

Homosexuality in Kids Media

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz addresses a parent's question about responding to same-sex marriage portrayed in a children's show. Listen in as she provides guidance on discussing feelings, desires, and the concept of truth with children, while encouraging them to evaluate ideas against the biblical worldview. Join us as we help you navigate these complex issues with your children.

Talking To Kids About Their Sin Nature without Damaging Their Self-Esteem

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz answers a question that many Christian parents may have: how do we teach young children about their value and worth to God while also discussing the concept of sin?

When Kids Walk Away from Faith

Today's question says, "what is your advice for parents of children who have walked away from the faith? My neighbor's 13 year old has stated she doesn't believe in God anymore and wants nothing to do with her parents' faith."

How Do I Hear God?

Today's question says, "my kids have asked how do I hear God? How do I know that it's him? What is a developmentally appropriate way to explain this to them?"

April 2023 Book Club Recommendations

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Limited Time in Kids Ministry

Today's question asks, "our kids' ministry only has one hour each week for a lesson. Do you have any ideas on how we can present truth in a quick way?"

Demon Possession in the Bible

Today's question says, "I'm wondering how to handle demon possession when reading the Bible to my kids ages six and three. I catch myself skipping over those passages because I don't want to scare them. I don't want to sanitize scripture, but I'm not sure at what age kids are ready to handle this content."

When to Keep or Remove a Child from their Environment?

Today's question asks, "how do you know when you should take your children out of an environment or if you should just keep continuing to equip them to thrive within that environment?"

Regulating Emotion Driven Children

Today's question says, "When raising emotional kids, how do you teach your children how to not only recognize their emotions, but practically manage them in a biblical way, upholding the biblical virtue of self-control?"