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Balancing Protection & Freedom: Navigating Smartphone Use for Preteens

Join Elizabeth Urbanowicz on the Foundation Worldview Podcast as she addresses a pressing concern for today's parents: How to strike a balance between safeguarding preteens from digital pitfalls, like explicit content, while still allowing them the freedom to connect with peers. Dive into biblically-informed and reality-based approaches to guide and protect the young minds entrusted to our care in a digital age.

September 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for September 2023.

Celebrating 100 Episodes!

Join Elizabeth Urbanowicz as she celebrates the milestone 100th episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast! Whether you're a new listener or have journeyed through all 99 episodes, this special edition offers something for everyone. Elizabeth reflects on the top three most popular episodes, providing fresh commentary and insights. Plus, get an exclusive look at her personal favorites that might have slipped under your radar. Don't miss this chance to revisit the best of the Foundation Worldview Podcast and discover hidden gems you might have missed!

Using Apologetics to Teach Kids to Read the Bible

Today's question says, "Where would you fit apologetics for the Bible, the accuracy of the Bible, the origin of the Bible, et cetera, into teaching kids how to read the Bible?" Join Elizabeth Urbanowicz as she looks at how to equip kids to read the Bible and also to understand why we can trust the Bible as we seek to make faithful disciples of the children that God has placed in our care.

Is Gentle Parenting Biblical?

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz looks at the popular parenting style of Gentle Parenting and examines its methods through a biblical perspective.

What Does the Bible Say About Parents Respecting Their Children?

What does the Bible say about parents respecting their children? Listen as Elizabeth Urbanowicz looks to the Bible as a whole for principles on how parents should interact with and engage their children.

Preparing Kids for the Reality of Death

Today's question says, "My nine-year-old has expressed fear of death, of him dying, of me dying, so he won't have his mom anymore, et cetera. He's not a Christian. How do I comfort him in a biblical way?"

Believing but Not Obeying the Bible

In today's episode, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz tackles a question many parents and guardians grapple with: What does one do with a child who professes belief in the Bible but hesitates to obey its teachings? Diving deep into the nuanced dynamics of stated belief versus actual practice, Elizabeth offers a perspective that calls attention to the heart's truest intentions. Drawing from personal experiences, she underscores the significance of confession, repentance, and prayer. Whether you're a parent, mentor, or guardian, this episode offers insights into nurturing a child's spiritual growth.

What Does the Bible Say About Disciplining Your Children?

Join host Elizabeth Urbanowicz on the Foundation Worldview Podcast as she delves into the biblical principles of disciplining children. Using various passages of Scripture, she explains the importance of discipline rooted in love and highlights how it reflects our relationship with God.

Tools for Processing Children's Emotions

In today's episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz responds to a question about how to help a child who is super sensitive when it comes to viewing things in the media, even innocent media. Listen as Elizabeth explores how to help kids process the emotions they are feeling inside.

August 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for August 2023.

Bible Stories to Help Your Parenting

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz is asked for Bible stories that will help when it comes to parenting. Elizabeth looks at several parenting stories in the Bible to see what we can learn. She also looks at overarching themes in the whole of Scripture and the parenting principles we can take away from them.

Introducing Secular Views on Creation

Today's question says, "When do I introduce my child to their Darwinian and secular view of how the world was created? I am looking at world atlas books and historical atlas books for kids, and they all start with the Big Bang and then talk about how we evolved, etc. How do I make a decision about having a fun world atlas with tons of facts in our family library that's also not biblical?"

Talking to Children about Evil and Tragedy in the World

Today's question says, "With all of the school shootings and other evil things that happen around us, how do you recommend talking with children about them? What age do you think is appropriate and how do you best frame this to point to God?"

Time Management for Kids

Today's question says, "It seems like kids these days have too much idle time. What are practical ways to teach our children good time management?"

Encouraging Kids to Read the Bible

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores strategies to help children read the Bible independently, using a structured "I do, We do, You do" approach. She shares insights, resources, and personal stories to inspire a lifelong love for Scripture.

Talking to Kids About LGBTQ+ Ideology

Today's question says, "My daughters, ages eight and five haven't been exposed to LGBTQ ideology, but I know it's inevitable. What are the first steps to take in having that conversation? We have had conversations about the goodness of sex and the purpose of God creating it already."

How To Disciple Your Child as a Single Parent

Today's question says, "How do I disciple my child as a single parent?" Listen as Elizabeth Urbanowicz answers this question in a way that is not only beneficial for the single parent but also for anyone that is part of the body of Christ.