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Teaching Apologetics to Children: A Parent's Guide

In this episode, we tackle the important question of how to teach apologetics to children under eight. Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores practical strategies for helping young kids understand and defend their faith through concrete, symbolic, and abstract stages of learning. Tune in to discover how to equip your children with a strong foundation in the Christian worldview.

Talking About Our Past Sin to Kids

Today's question is one that we receive multiple times every year from different parents, and this question is, "How can we teach our children to understand and follow God's good design for sexuality when we as parents have not done so? Is it wrong to admit this to our children?"

Beyond Good Guy, Bad Guy: Teaching Kids Biblical Good and Evil

Today's question says, "I'm struggling to explain morality and the gospel to my five-year-old in fairytales. She often categorizes characters into all good or all bad, and I don't think it should be as simple as be good like Cinderella. Do you have any advice?"

Explaining Scripture to Kids

Today's question says, "John 15:14 says, we are Jesus's friends if we do what he commands, since that's not how human friendships work, that we're only friends if you do everything I say, how do I explain this to my child?"

Making Corporate Worship Kid-Friendly: Insights for Pastors and Parents

Join us as we discuss how to make your church's corporate worship services more engaging for children. This episode offers practical advice for pastors and parents, highlighting successful strategies that ultimately help create a culture of family worship and discipleship.

Taylor Swift and the Christian Worldview: Parenting in Pop Culture

Today's question says, "In a culture that is completely immersed with Taylor Swift, how do we as parents navigate this as Christians? My daughter is allowed to only listen to songs that I've approved of, which is mostly her old music. Is this even okay? I'm trying so hard to find a fair balance between it all."

Science and the Bible: Teaching Kids that Faith and Science Coexist

Today's question is, "How can I teach my four-year-old that Christianity and the Bible do not actually contradict science even though the world claims they do? I have always struggled to understand science, and I know of people who have walked away from God believing that the Bible and science contradict each other."

How to Discuss Special Needs with Young Children

Today's question says, "Do I need to explain to other children at the kindergarten level that their classmate, my lovely daughter, has Down syndrome slash special needs, or do I just let them discover it as they grow up? She's the only one in her class who has Down syndrome."

Deconstructing Faith: How to Guide Your Children's Doubts

Today's question says, "We raise our daughters seven and eight years old in the reformed tradition as children of the Covenant. However, this deconstruction fad worries me, even though they're not on social media. How do I foster an environment in which they feel free to express their doubts instead of looking for answers elsewhere?"

How Much Podcast Time is Too Much for Kids?

Today's question says, "My 6-year-old son is an only child. He loves listening to podcasts and asks to listen frequently while playing. I worry that his imagination will be stunted if I allow him to listen often. What is an appropriate amount of time for a child to listen to podcasts rather than play in silence?"

Addressing Sin in Christian History: Talking to Kids About the Crusades

Today's question says, "How can I talk to my children about ways that historical Christians have sinned? The Crusades, in particular, are an important topic where we are. I've said that someone who believes X doing bad things doesn't disprove X. Is this enough?"

Is My Son Too Effeminate?

Today's question says, "How should you handle an effeminate son? I want him to have a clear understanding and confidence in his masculinity and for him to understand his masculinity comes from God for God's purpose. He's seven, and I know it may sound like I'm overreacting to be concerned about it at his age, but he exhibits behaviors that make me worried for him socially."

Are Parents Responsible for Their Child's Salvation?

Today's question says, "Am I responsible for my children's salvation? I get very contradicting messages from people. My pastor says it's God's responsibility, but I can't shake the feeling that I will answer God for what my children choose at the end of the day."

Is Christian Homeschool Curriculum Best?

Today's question is, "Would you recommend only a Christian worldview curriculum for a homeschooling family? I'm afraid if I followed only Christian curriculum, I would be sheltering my children and not preparing them enough to reject secular worldviews when they get older.

Helping Kids Evaluate Secular Critiques

Elizabeth dives into comments left by atheists and skeptics, using them as teachable moments to demonstrate how Christians can thoughtfully engage with criticism. She discusses strategies for parents and educators to help children critically analyze and respond to opposing views, strengthening their faith and understanding.

Helping Kids See Their Bodies the Way God Sees Them

How can we help our children view their bodies the way God sees them in a world with comparisons, fad diets, and body shaming?

Did God Change Between the Old and New Testament?

How can I teach my children that the God of the New Testament is the same as the God of the Old Testament?

Why Can I Not See God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?

In today's episode, Elizabeth shares how parents can help answer their child's question, "Why can't we see God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?" Listen to learn how to respond to this profound question to help our kids grow in their understanding of God.