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Helping Kids Evaluate Secular Critiques

Elizabeth dives into comments left by atheists and skeptics, using them as teachable moments to demonstrate how Christians can thoughtfully engage with criticism. She discusses strategies for parents and educators to help children critically analyze and respond to opposing views, strengthening their faith and understanding.

Helping Kids See Their Bodies the Way God Sees Them

How can we help our children view their bodies the way God sees them in a world with comparisons, fad diets, and body shaming?

Did God Change Between the Old and New Testament?

How can I teach my children that the God of the New Testament is the same as the God of the Old Testament?

Why Can I Not See God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit?

In today's episode, Elizabeth shares how parents can help answer their child's question, "Why can't we see God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?" Listen to learn how to respond to this profound question to help our kids grow in their understanding of God.

How to Talk to Kids About Violence and Tragedy

Today's question says, "Should we talk about violence such as mass shootings to pray for the grieving families and ask for protection? My girls are six and seven. We do prayer requests at the end of Bible time. At their age, would that cause unnecessary fears and anxiety, or is it good that they know about it?"

Talking to Kids About Divorce: A Biblical Perspective

How can we explain divorce to a child? Whether you are personally going through a divorce or have loved ones who are, it's important to equip children with a biblical understanding of this difficult topic. Tune in to gain practical wisdom and biblical perspective on explaining divorce to children.

Is Public Education Right for Your Child? What Christian Parents Need to Know

In this episode, we dive into the challenge Christian parents face: preparing children to live out their faith in a secular environment. We explore the strategic approach of establishing a strong biblical foundation in children before they encounter secular viewpoints, particularly within the public education system. Join us as we tackle the question: Can children with a solid biblical theology thrive in public schools? This discussion is crucial for parents contemplating the best educational path for their faith-filled children.

How to Guide Your Child from Knowing to Loving God

Today's question says, "My kids have an excellent book knowledge of God, but how do I move them to a love for God when I ask them if they feel like God loves them, they say they are neutral."

Selective Obedience? Why Observe Some Old Testament Laws & Not Others?

Today's question says, "How are we to defend when critics point out that although we reference the principle in Deuteronomy about men not wearing women's clothing and vice versa. We, at the same time, do not follow all the other Old Testament rules."

Imagination vs. Lying: Helping Kids Understand the Difference

Today's question says, "How do we balance encouraging a child's imagination while also encouraging truth-telling and disciplining them for lying?"

Where to Turn When Scripture Leaves You Confused

Today's question says, "Where do we go when we have questions? There are so many times I am confused about things in Scripture. Are there references you would recommend to answer biblical questions?"

Teaching Kids to Tithe: Joyfully, Generously, and Sacrificially

Today's question says, "How do I teach my children about tithing?" Discover what the bible says about tithing and practical tips to help your kids honor God, give joyfully, and wisely manage their finances in this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast.

Addressing Guilt and Shame in Young Children

Today's question says, "My youngest son, who is four, always resorts to saying 'I'm a bad boy,' or 'I'm bad' whenever he gets in trouble. I've made very sure to never say that he is a bad kid, but that he's making bad choices. I try never to shame but point out sin. We talk about repentance and forgiveness, but he just keeps saying it. What should I do?"

How to Set Boundaries in Parenting Without Resentment

Today's question says, "Am I being too strict by not allowing my children to play outside, unsupervised, with the neighborhood children? The rules are if daddy or mommy aren't out there, then you aren't out there. My 9-year-old is beginning to show signs of resentment toward how different we live from other families."

Preparing Kids for Persecution

In this Foundation Worldview podcast episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz dives into preparing kids for persecution. Learn how to build a theology of suffering and equip young believers to stand firm in their faith against adversity.

Teaching Kids to Share the Gospel

Today's question says, "My children and I have many friends from different religious backgrounds, Mormon, devoted Christian, lukewarm Christian, and non-Christian. My kids know the differences, but how can I teach them to effectively tell their friends about the good news? Hopefully without offense?"

Disney Vacation Dilemma: Critical and Biblical Thinking for Families

Today's question says, "My husband and I plan on taking our kids to Disney World this summer. We both really enjoyed Disney vacations while growing up, but I know Disney has changed a lot since then. What are good questions we can ask our kids to help them think critically and biblically about our time at the parks?"

Walking Through Old Testament Law with Kids

Today's question says, "What is the best approach to getting through the Old Testament with kids? I'm having some trouble, even myself, getting through many of the commandments that came from God."