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"Don't Tell Me What To Think!": Avoiding Indoctrination

Today's question says, "I have a sister-in-law who was homeschooled and has recently walked away from her faith. Her mother told me that her daughter never liked being told what to think during their time of schooling. How do we combat this scenario without telling our kids what to think?"

Are Planets Biblical?

Today's question says, "Are planets biblical? My child is very interested in learning about them. I can't find them in the Bible, so I'm wondering how I should navigate this."

Talking to Kids About Death and Funerals

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, Elizabeth Urbanowicz speaks directly to every parent's heart, addressing the delicate task of preparing our young ones for a funeral. Elizabeth advises parents to embrace honesty, using words that resonate without causing confusion.

Developing Relationships within the Church

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz addresses a vital question: "How do I help my kids develop relationships within the church?" Tune in to discover how we can equip the next generation to build strong, God-honoring relationships amidst the challenges of modern technology and a culture that often runs counter to the values of repentance and forgiveness.

Protecting Innocence while Preparing for the World

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz discusses how to approach sensitive topics such as gender and same-sex relationships with children, particularly in a homeschooling context. She emphasizes that protecting children does not mean completely isolating them from the world, but rather preparing them to confront and understand deviations from their beliefs.

What Does "Identity in Christ" Mean? Is it Biblical?

Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores the concept of "identity in Christ," proposing a shift towards understanding it as "union with Christ" to emphasize its Christ-centric nature. In a world where identities are often self-constructed and unstable, Elizabeth examines the solidity found in our spiritual union, dividing it into three accessible components: being in Christ, being like Christ, and being with Christ. Drawing on specific Bible passages, she guides listeners into each aspect, offering a framework for parents to impart these truths to their children. Elizabeth discusses practical ways to contrast this eternal identity with the fleeting ones offered by modern society.

Has Your Child Made Their Faith Their Own?

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, Elizabeth Urbanowicz addresses a concern close to the hearts of many Christian parents: discerning if a child has sincerely embraced their faith. Join us for a discussion on nurturing and recognizing your child's spiritual development.

Should Kids Play Video Games?

On today's episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores a pressing question for many Christian parents: Should kids play video games? Drawing on insights from brain science, Elizabeth highlights both the potential benefits and risks associated with gaming. She discusses the objectives of relaxation, entertainment, and connection that video games often promise, and examines whether these goals are truly achieved. Elizabeth also outlines three primary dangers tied to screen time, offering thoughtful guidance to parents looking to make informed decisions about video game usage in their households. Tune in for a balanced, informative perspective on one of today's most debated parenting topics.

Boys and War Play: A Christian Perspective

In this episode, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz delves into war play among boys, exploring the dynamics of battleships to good versus bad scenarios. She offers a biblical perspective on the intent behind such play, discussing the values of imagination, energy expulsion, and leisure.

Modesty in Sportswear and Athletics

Join host Elizabeth Urbanowicz as she delves into a topic that many Christian parents grapple with: the balance between dressing modestly and participating in sports or activities with specific attire requirements.

October 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for October 2023.

Christian Perspectives on Halloween: Participation, Principles, and Conscience

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz tackles a timely and controversial topic: Halloween. Drawing from biblical principles and the spectrum of Christian perspectives, Elizabeth dives deep into how Christians might approach the holiday. Through three discerning categories - what the Bible explicitly condemns or commands, issues not directly addressed but influenced by biblical principles, and matters of personal conscience - she gives a balanced view on Halloween participation. Whether you're a parent grappling with the decision to let your child trick-or-treat or simply seeking to understand this age-old debate better, this episode is for you. Dive in to explore the intersection of faith and festivities!

Is Boys Wearing Dresses Like Girls Wearing Pants?

In today's episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz delves deep into a timely cultural question: How should parents navigate and guide their children in understanding gender-specific clothing, particularly as it relates to boys wearing dresses or makeup? Drawing from historical context, personal sentiments, and biblical references, Elizabeth examines whether this is simply a cultural shift or if it violates biblical principles. Plus, she draws parallels with women's adoption of pants in the past century, addressing the complexities of societal changes. Join us for a thoughtful exploration of clothing, deception, and the alignment of our beliefs with scripture.

Talking to Kids About Consent

Today's question says, "How does one explain to a child about consent while making sure they know they belong not to themselves but to God?"

What Does the Bible Say About Critical Race Theory?

Today's question says, "On your March 9th podcast, you compared and contrasted critical race theory with the Bible. I listened to that area twice, and I'm pretty sure you were saying that CRT doesn't align with the Bible. It wasn't quite clear though. I don't think it aligns with the Bible. Where do you stand?" Listen as Elizabeth Urbanowicz models a process that we can take our children through any time we are having them evaluate some idea that they're presented with in culture and to see how it aligns with Scripture.

Should Kids Start Reading the Bible in Genesis?

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz discusses the best starting point for kids reading the Bible. She explores how age, prior exposure to scripture, and reading dynamics factor into this important decision. Listen in for practical tips on fostering a meaningful engagement with the Bible for the young ones in your care.

If Screen Time is Bad, Why Video-Based Curriculum?

Today's question says, "I have heard you talk a number of times about the dangerous effects of screen usage on children, especially young children. If you believe excessive screen time is dangerous, why do you create video-based curriculums?"

Using Scripture to Change Children's Behavior

Today's question says, "In a previous podcast, you address the question, how should we as parents balance teaching how to correctly study scripture and also take the time to teach the moral lessons too? You explain the concept well, but didn't give any practical examples of how scripture should inform our children's behavior. Can you give some practical examples about how to do that?"