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When Kids Walk Away from Faith

Today's question says, "what is your advice for parents of children who have walked away from the faith? My neighbor's 13 year old has stated she doesn't believe in God anymore and wants nothing to do with her parents' faith."

How Do I Hear God?

Today's question says, "my kids have asked how do I hear God? How do I know that it's him? What is a developmentally appropriate way to explain this to them?"

April 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for April 2023.

Limited Time in Kids Ministry

Today's question asks, "our kids' ministry only has one hour each week for a lesson. Do you have any ideas on how we can present truth in a quick way?"

Demon Possession in the Bible

Today's question says, "I'm wondering how to handle demon possession when reading the Bible to my kids ages six and three. I catch myself skipping over those passages because I don't want to scare them. I don't want to sanitize scripture, but I'm not sure at what age kids are ready to handle this content."

When to Keep or Remove a Child from their Environment?

Today's question asks, "how do you know when you should take your children out of an environment or if you should just keep continuing to equip them to thrive within that environment?"

Regulating Emotion Driven Children

Today's question says, "When raising emotional kids, how do you teach your children how to not only recognize their emotions, but practically manage them in a biblical way, upholding the biblical virtue of self-control?"

Witchcraft, Magic, and Sorcery in Media

Today's question says, "should I let my children watch shows and movies with magic, witches and sorcerers when the Bible says to avoid these things?"

Is Sexual Abstinence Realistic?

Today's question says "in this post-Christian nation, is it realistic to tell our children to be sexually abstinent? I know that is the biblical position, but the statistics are what they are regarding premarital sex. Would a good fallback position be abstinence unless you are with someone you deeply love and are looking to marry?"

Talking to Kids About Alternative Worldviews

How do we talk with our gets about alternate worldviews? How do we prepare them for ideas that compete with our biblical worldview? Elizabeth Urbanowicz shares practical advice on how to engage with your child when they are exposed to worldviews that are contrary to a biblical worldview.

Helping Parents be the Primary Disciple Maker

How do we help parents be equipped to disciple the children in their care? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz, speaks to parents and church ministry leaders about how we can help parents see the need to be the primary disciple makers to their children, and how this can be modeled for other parents.

March 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for March 2023.

Family Discipleship with Different Ages

Trying to incorporate family discipleship or family worship in your home? Today's question says, "how would you recommend family discipleship with an age difference between kids?" In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz provides insights and strategies on how to best approach family discipleship in a home with children who vary in age.

How to Parent a Toddler

Today's question says, "do you have any advice for parenting a two-year-old and how to engage her? She can't sit still and does not listen. I have a hard time even taking her to the grocery store or department store because all she wants to do is run and hide in between the close racks." In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz shares advice and insight on how to train a toddler, ages 2-3 years old, to meet your expectations.

Historical Proof Jesus Existed

If Jesus is not a fictional character, how could we show our children proof of Jesus from the historical records? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz examines how to approach this subject with a child who is curious, skeptical, or who may have a hard heart towards Jesus.

Talking to Kids About What the Bible Says About Masturbation

Masturbation tends to be a hot topic. What is the biblical standpoint on this and how do we speak about it with our kids? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz looks at the biblical theology of sex to understand what the bible says about masturbation and how to effectively communicate this your children.

Biblical Worldview and Comparative Worldview Instruction at Home

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz provides tips and insight in how to best incorporate both biblical worldview and comparative worldview instruction at home. If you're a parent looking for ways to bring this teaching into your every day life, you won't want to miss this episode.

Developing a Worldview that Accepts the Supernatural

How do we develop in our children a Worldview that accepts the supernatural? We live in a world that often discounts anything that cannot be proven through the scientific method. In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores what what we mean by supernatural and offers practical ways to help our children to have an understanding of the supernatural within a biblical worldview.