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How to Set Boundaries in Parenting Without Resentment

Today's question says, "Am I being too strict by not allowing my children to play outside, unsupervised, with the neighborhood children? The rules are if daddy or mommy aren't out there, then you aren't out there. My 9-year-old is beginning to show signs of resentment toward how different we live from other families."

Preparing Kids for Persecution

In this Foundation Worldview podcast episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz dives into preparing kids for persecution. Learn how to build a theology of suffering and equip young believers to stand firm in their faith against adversity.

Teaching Kids to Share the Gospel

Today's question says, "My children and I have many friends from different religious backgrounds, Mormon, devoted Christian, lukewarm Christian, and non-Christian. My kids know the differences, but how can I teach them to effectively tell their friends about the good news? Hopefully without offense?"

Disney Vacation Dilemma: Critical and Biblical Thinking for Families

Today's question says, "My husband and I plan on taking our kids to Disney World this summer. We both really enjoyed Disney vacations while growing up, but I know Disney has changed a lot since then. What are good questions we can ask our kids to help them think critically and biblically about our time at the parks?"

Walking Through Old Testament Law with Kids

Today's question says, "What is the best approach to getting through the Old Testament with kids? I'm having some trouble, even myself, getting through many of the commandments that came from God."

Balancing Hospitality and High Standards in Your Home

Today's question says, "I've been trying to implement your advice in previous podcasts about making my home an inviting place for my children to bring their friends. However, I worry that my standards for behavior are off-putting. How can I maintain high behavioral and moral standards without creating a hostile atmosphere?"

Discerning Appropriate Humor

Today's question says, "How does one discuss humor with kids? It's one thing to tell them a statement is wrong, but how do I explain that some humor should not be laughed at."

Explaining Sexual Sin To Kids

Today's question says, "Many of our family members are living together before they get married. My children three, four, and five are beginning to ask questions about why their uncle lives with his fiance and why their cousin was at her parents' wedding. How do I walk through this without making our family feel unloved?"

How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums

"How should I deal with my toddler's temper?" This episode dives into effective strategies like setting clear expectations, consistency in discipline, and developmentally suitable consequences.

February 2024 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for February 2024.

Talking to Kids About Slavery in the Bible

In this Foundation Worldview Podcast, Elizabeth Urbanowicz addresses the pressing question: "How can we prepare our kids to counter the claim that the Bible's view of slavery undermines its credibility?"

Balancing Ministry and Family: Nurturing the Spiritual Lives of Pastor's Kids

Join host Elizabeth Urbanowicz as she tackles a question from a pastor's wife: How can we serve faithfully without neglecting the spiritual lives of our children? Discover practical insights and biblical wisdom on balancing ministry and family discipleship, and learn how to keep your kids from falling away.

Is God Real? Evidence for God

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview podcast, we tackle a question that many parents face: how do we help our children believe in the existence of God? Join host Elizabeth Urbanowicz as she provides practical advice and resources for equipping your kids with rational reasons for belief in God.

Aiming High: Navigating Varying Levels of Biblical Literacy in Kids' Ministry

What should we do in kids' ministry when half of the children have almost zero biblical literacy and the other half come from homes where their parents faithfully disciple them each week?

Teching Objective vs. Subjective Statements to Kids

In this episode, we tackle the question: How do we tell the difference between objective and subjective statements? Join us as we dive deep into this topic and discover practical ways to teach kids this important skill.

Sex as a Good Gift?

Today's question says, "I've been married for 10 years and we have children ages two through five. My husband and I have been to Christian couples counseling on and off for years because of my aversion to sex. Because of this, I'm terrified to talk about sex with my kids. How can I pass on that it's a good gift from God when I don't feel that way?"

Memorizing Scripture: Tips for Memorizing Longer Passages

Elizabeth Urbanowicz dives deep into the world of Scripture memorization and equips listeners to instill a love for God's Word in the hearts of their children.

How To Explain Divorce to a Child?

How do we explain divorce to our children from a biblical perspective? Join host Elizabeth Urbanowicz as she tackles this tough topic and provides practical guidance for parents navigating divorce or separation.