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Tools for Processing Children's Emotions

In today's episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz responds to a question about how to help a child who is super sensitive when it comes to viewing things in the media, even innocent media. Listen as Elizabeth explores how to help kids process the emotions they are feeling inside.

August 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for August 2023.

Bible Stories to Help Your Parenting

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz is asked for Bible stories that will help when it comes to parenting. Elizabeth looks at several parenting stories in the Bible to see what we can learn. She also looks at overarching themes in the whole of Scripture and the parenting principles we can take away from them.

Introducing Secular Views on Creation

Today's question says, "When do I introduce my child to their Darwinian and secular view of how the world was created? I am looking at world atlas books and historical atlas books for kids, and they all start with the Big Bang and then talk about how we evolved, etc. How do I make a decision about having a fun world atlas with tons of facts in our family library that's also not biblical?"

Talking to Children about Evil and Tragedy in the World

Today's question says, "With all of the school shootings and other evil things that happen around us, how do you recommend talking with children about them? What age do you think is appropriate and how do you best frame this to point to God?"

Time Management for Kids

Today's question says, "It seems like kids these days have too much idle time. What are practical ways to teach our children good time management?"

Encouraging Kids to Read the Bible

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, Elizabeth Urbanowicz explores strategies to help children read the Bible independently, using a structured "I do, We do, You do" approach. She shares insights, resources, and personal stories to inspire a lifelong love for Scripture.

Talking to Kids About LGBTQ+ Ideology

Today's question says, "My daughters, ages eight and five haven't been exposed to LGBTQ ideology, but I know it's inevitable. What are the first steps to take in having that conversation? We have had conversations about the goodness of sex and the purpose of God creating it already."

How To Disciple Your Child as a Single Parent

Today's question says, "How do I disciple my child as a single parent?" Listen as Elizabeth Urbanowicz answers this question in a way that is not only beneficial for the single parent but also for anyone that is part of the body of Christ.

Teaching Your Child Christian Values

In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz responds to the question, "How can I teach my children Christian values?" Listen as Elizabeth explores that goal and desired outcome in wanting to raise children with Christian values, but from a biblical worldview.

Talking to Kids About the Death of an Unbeliever

Today's question says, "How would you explain the death of a nonbeliever to a child? How can I be truthful in what God's word says about judgment after death, but yet comforting?"

July 2023 Book Club Recommendations

Foundation Book Club's recommended books and discussion questions for July 2023.

Comparing Yourself to Other Moms

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, how Elizabeth Urbanowicz answer's the question, "I find myself constantly comparing myself to other moms and feeling like I don't measure up. What should I do?" Prepare to be inspired and challenged to reevaluate the way you see yourself and your circumstances. Tune in now to start your journey towards overcoming comparison and embracing a life filled with gratitude.

Forcing Kids to Go to Church

Join us in another episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast as host, Elizabeth Urbanowicz, explores the controversial question - "Should I force my children to go to church?" This episode dives deep into the biblical basis for attending corporate worship, discusses the importance of understanding and teaching the true goal of the church, and provides practical advice for parents navigating this sensitive issue.

How to Improve Social Skills for Kids

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview Podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz engages listeners with the question, "How do I help my kids develop good social skills?" Diving into her experiences as a teacher and the challenges of digital distractions, she offers critical insights into the importance of teaching children basic social skills. By the end, listeners are reminded of the ultimate goal: to equip children to love God through loving others well.

Talking to Kids About Dinosaurs and Creation

Deep dive into the mysteries of biblical creation and the fascinating existence of dinosaurs. Drawing from the well of scripture, Elizabeth addresses an important question from a listener – how do dinosaurs fit into the Genesis narrative? From young earth creationism to old earth creationism, Elizabeth navigates this complex topic with grace, encouraging listeners to ground their children in scripture while equipping them with critical thinking skills. For parents or educators interested in Christianity and science, this is an episode you cannot miss. Listen in to learn how you can nurture your child's curiosity about God's creation without compromising your faith. Don't forget to check the show notes for helpful resources!

Can The Sex Talk Spoil Innocent Crushes?

Can having the sex talk with younger children give them ideas that could impact what would normally be an innocent crush? In this episode, Elizabeth Urbanowicz responds to the fears of having the sex talk too early with children and discusses the importance of building a healthy biblical view of others as image bearers of God.

Spiritual Dangers in Things Like Pokémon

In this episode of the Foundation Worldview podcast, host Elizabeth Urbanowicz addresses a question from a listener concerned about the spiritual dangers of Pokémon. Elizabeth explores how to approach such concerns by asking specific questions: What is the specific concern? Are there dangerous origins impacting it today? Can evidence supporting the concern be presented? What healthier alternative can be offered? She also discusses the extent of one's sphere of influence and the power of prayer in these situations. Join Elizabeth as she equips listeners to evaluate these types of issues from a biblical worldview.