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Explaining Postmodernism to Our Children

Postmodernism is perhaps the most confusing worldview threatening to capture the hearts and minds of our children. It promotes concepts such as love, acceptance, and tolerance – all of which stem from the Christian worldview. Yet the postmodern version twists Truth into a counterfeit.

Explaining Islam to Our Children

Of all the counterfeit worldviews in our society, Islam can be the most intimidating to present to our children. Much of our exposure to Islam involves news coverage of radical Islamic groups in the Middle East. But we also have many Muslim neighbors in our communities. What exactly does Islam teach?

Explaining Naturalism to Our Children

In a previous blog post, we explored what our children need to know about new spirituality. However, new spirituality is not the only worldview vying for the hearts and minds of our children. Naturalism, also known as materialism or scientism, is just as widespread. And it may be more difficult to detect.

Explaining New Spirituality to Our Children

New spirituality is a worldview that has infiltrated most areas of our society. It bombards our children with its false truth-claims in everything from TV shows to memes, fitness ads to food labels. Training our children to navigate their encounters with new spirituality can be difficult.

With the Right Resources, Elementary Students Can Engage in Comparative Worldview Analysis

In previous posts, we have seen that our children need comparative worldview education, and they need it in the elementary years. But how do we do this? What type of resources do we need to help our children critically evaluate every message they receive?

Worldview Education Is for Everyone

Comparative worldview education is not something we should reserve solely for our high school students. These are a few reasons why.

The Importance of a Comparative Worldview Education

Comparative worldview education? How can this solve our discipleship shortcomings? That is a great question. Before we dive into why comparative worldview education is needed, let’s explore what this type of training is and what it seeks to do.

Why Do Our Children Need Comparative Worldview Education?

In a previous post, we discussed what comparative worldview education is. This post will focus on why our children need comparative worldview education, and how it can address situations like the one I encountered in my classroom.